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I have now opened a shop at
Here you'll be able to purchase T-shirts, baby and children's clothing, adults' clothing,
dog T-shirts
, bags, wall clocks , housewares, and a really cute teddy bear. The teddy bear's T-shirt has the same illustration on it as the children's and babies' clothes. Why not purchase a matching set?

I'll be adding new illustrations — based on the lovable characters and drawings in my books — to the clothing and other items found at Cafepress, as well as some humorous characters.

This will be done over a period of time. If you like a particular character in my book and would like to see it on an item please contact me.

Changes will also be made to the illustrations on existing items from time to time to give you added variety. So come back and visit my shop as new items become AVAILABLE.

Visit my shop now by clicking here

If you would like to have your OWN shop so you can create and sell your stuff, click on the logo below. I wish you all the best.
(If the LOGO IS NOT VISIBLE this may mean that the site is off-line due to possible maintenance. Try again later.)

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

If you want to put your OWN design or photo onto stuff Click Here have a selection of items to choose from. Click on 'Make Your Own Stuff' when the Web page opens.

To view children's and babies' clothing from other shops at CafePress, click on the logo below.

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