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Poems & Quotations
Todd © 2005


Bend like the trees
In a stiff breeze.
Breathe . . .
Release your fears
And anxieties.


Lend your ears
To those in tears,
Though troubles they impart.

Kind words said,
Show you care
And soothe a saddened heart.


Acceptance is a gifted thing.
Give it to others and watch the joy it brings


Friendship is a haven of warmth
Against the cold wintery blasts of life.

What is love?
(Written when I was a child in my search to understand the many aspects of love)

What is love? I do not know.
Is love showing kindness
Or wearing a happy smile?
I think love is being kind.

Love is

Love is simple and pure;
Kindness, hope, truth, faith,
Caring and sharing.
Unselfish and humble;
Forgiving . . .
Practice these things
And watch it blossom and endure.

I love my dog Missy

I love my dog Missy,
she's my cheeky chum.
If ignored when she plays ball,
she pokes me in the bum.

She loves to chew on sticks;
will toss and chase rocks.
And when I'm sitting down,
she pulls off both my socks.

When the clouds are raining,
and Missy goes outdoors,
she walks about on tippy-toes,
‘cause she dislikes wet paws!

If I munch on food she loves,
she does a pleading beg.
She looks at me with big brown eyes
and dribbles on my leg.

When I go out for the day
I know I'm sorely missed;
on coming home, she barks hello,
and leaps to plant a kiss.

She loves me for me,
there's no judgment in her eyes.
I could be tall, short, fat or thin,
stupid or very wise.

She's extremely curious,
this gets her into trouble.
And when one day she vanished,
it put me in a fuddle.

Could she be next door,
visiting the baker?
Oh no! Could it be?
Did someone come and take her?

I called her name out loud
whilst searching up the street,
asking, “Have you seen her?”
of neighbours that I'd meet.

I've searched and searched all day,
and come home really sad!
To lose my best friend Missy,
makes me feel so bad!

Just then I heard a scutter.
Could that be a mouse?
Then I heard ARROOOO
come from ‘neath the house.

I ran to where are stored
the garden tools and hose.
She must have sneaked in there
to have a little nose.

I bet she got locked in,
so I opened up the door.
There looking very sheepish
was my dog that I adore.

I was so thrilled to find her.
We jumped and danced with joy.
We played all that evening
with her favourite tugger toy.

When the day was over,
just before I laid my head,
she disappeared and crept upstairs,
then took up all my bed.

missy on stairs Click on photos. Missy creeping upstairs Missy creeps upstairs to my bed.missy on the bed

Missy plays ball click here

My Little Rabbit Friend
(Children's poem)

I have a little rabbit friend
When he sees me he is glad.
I know if he is happy,
I know if he is sad.

When he comes to greet me,
He sniffs my hand and licks.
If he's scared or angry
He thumps his legs and kicks.

He loves to chew on grass
And twitch his nose up in the air.
He loves to jump and run around
Without a single care.

He's cute, he's cuddly
And he's awfully funny.
This ball of personality
Makes up my sweet bunny.

Five Buzzing Bees
(Counting poem for young children. They can use their fingers for counting the numbers and arm actions for the buzzing bees wings—and run in a small circle or turn to be the bees buzzing around the tree.)

I see one buzzing bee
Buzzing happily.
It goes buzz, buzz, buzz,
Around the apple tree.

That's one buzzing bee.

I see two buzzing bees
Buzzing happily.
They go buzz, buzz, buzz,
Around the apple tree.

That's two buzzing bees.
1, 2.

I see three buzzing bees
Buzzing happily.
They go buzz, buzz, buzz,
Around the apple tree.

That's three buzzing bees.
1, 2, 3.

I see four buzzing bees
Buzzing happily.
They go buzz, buzz, buzz,
Around the apple tree.

That's four buzzing bees.
1, 2, 3, 4.

I see five buzzing bees
Buzzing happily.
They go buzz, buzz, buzz,
Around the apple tree.

That's five buzzing bees.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Five buzzing bees,
Buzzing happily.
They go buzz, buzz, buzz,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
Back to their hive.

Copyright © Shirley Todd 2005


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